Dale O'Brien

Dale O'Brien has studied astrology since 1969 and is a certified full-time astrologer and Astro*Carto*Graphy Interpreter since 1991. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and is a former Federal Government employee. Besides personal astrological and A*C*G consultations, Dale has taught astrology to non-astrologers as well as astrology students from beginning to advanced levels. He has presented for local, regional and international astrological conferences and has shared astrology on FM and internet radio. His articles have appeared in The Mountain Astrologer and other publications. He is also trained in Dream Tending (Pacifica Graduate Institute). He lives in "green" Eugene, Oregon.

2011 and Beyond: A New World Emerging from the Sea

2011 and Beyond: A New World Emerging from the Sea

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  • Since 1925, a NEW WAY of looking at the signs of the Zodiac emerged, giving one unique image for each degree of the zodiac. Since that time, this collection of images, called The Sabian Symbols. has merged into astrology. On this very first day of Spring, March 21.2011, we will experience, celebrate and co-create the beginning of a new spring like no other before! This is because the Sun aligns with the bringer of changes, Uranus, in the very first degree of the very first sign of the Zodiac. The Sabian Symbol image for this degree is A woman has risen out of the ocean, a seal is embracing her. Simultaneously, Spring 2011 begins with no less than 4 planets in Pisces, the sign of moving water (the ocean) AND Neptune, lord of the oceans ready to move into Pisces very soon in 2011. It seems that A New World is indeed emerging from the sea. What might this mean? This astrologer, Dale O'Brien, has lots to say about that! Astrological meaning reflects the meaning of our lives as water reflects the lights that shine upon it. As the old song goes, What does the deep sea say?

  • Length:  54 minutes
    Handouts:  7
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    Sponsoring Organization:  International Astrology Day - San Francisco
    Date of Talk:  3/19/2011
    Location:  San Francisco, CA