Financial Astrology Workshop

Financial Astrology Workshop

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  • Michael Munkasey: What Is a Company: Do's & Don't for Researching Incorporation Data; Orest Taraban: Using the United States Chart to Trade Stocks, Indexes & Options; Stan Harley: Cycles: Their Derivation, Analysis, and How to Track Them in Real Time; Raymond Merriman: Venus Stations and Their Correlation with Cycles in U.S. Stock Indices; Tim Bost: 'Reading Between the Lines: Hidden Factors in Financial Astrology'; Matthew Carnicelli: Using Solar Returns for the NYSE and the NASDAQ Exchanges to Forecast Yearly Market Trend; and Grace Morris: Sectors in Focus: Uranus in Pisces, Saturn in Cancer and Jupiter in Virgo Trading Strategies.

  • Length:  5 hours 44 minutes
    Handouts:  90
    MP3 File Count:  8
    CD Count:  5
    Sponsoring Organization:  ISAR
    Date of Talk:  10/8/2003
    Location:  Anaheim, California