Dale O'Brien

Dale O'Brien has studied astrology since 1969 and is a certified full-time astrologer and Astro*Carto*Graphy Interpreter since 1991. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and is a former Federal Government employee. Besides personal astrological and A*C*G consultations, Dale has taught astrology to non-astrologers as well as astrology students from beginning to advanced levels. He has presented for local, regional and international astrological conferences and has shared astrology on FM and internet radio. His articles have appeared in The Mountain Astrologer and other publications. He is also trained in Dream Tending (Pacifica Graduate Institute). He lives in "green" Eugene, Oregon.

(SKY-) HIGH CRIMES: Uranus Transits Reconsidered

(SKY-) HIGH CRIMES: Uranus Transits Reconsidered

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  • Modern astrologers for the most part tend to primarily think forward, manipulating arbitrary keywords to tell us what is to come for us as individuals, for the country, and for the world. Most modern astrologers say that Uranus "rules" astrology. In Greek mythology, Prometheus' name means "forethought." Many years ago, Richard Tarnas made a strong persuasive case for astrological Uranus to be of the nature of Prometheus. However, Tarnas emphasized the beneficial contributions of this Titan who stole fire from high up on Mount Olympus (where Earth meets Sky).

    A look back at current recent history shows a less exalted side of Uranus/Prometheus: THIEF, and seldom a "Robin Hood". As Uranus-the-Thief broke into and ravaged each Zodiacal sign, something human and precious was stolen. 

    We will examine the origin of Fox News, "Shock-and-Awe," and two Billionaire brothers hijack lots of politicians and lots of "independent" citizens.

    Some actual stories of personal Uranus transits will also be shared, Most importantly, what we might do about this Troublemaker --- and why will be discussed

    A nearly six minute video from the presentation is included in the download as an MP4 file with the MP3 package. For CD orders the MP4 file is included on the Supplemental Materials CD.

  • Length:  1 hour 47 minutes
    Handouts:  2
    MP3 File Count:  2
    CD Count:  2
    Sponsoring Organization:  San Francisco Bay Area NCGR Chapter
    Date of Talk:  5/7/2012
    Location:  San Francisco, CA