Noel Tyl is one of the foremost astrologers in the world. His thirty-three textbooks have led the teaching of astrologers for two generations. Most recently, he has written Vocations: The New Midheaven Extension Process, a much-needed guide that will forever change the process of astrological vocational counseling. In the 1970's, it was Tyl who first integrated psychological need theory into astrological analysis. Tyl is a graduate of Harvard University in Social Relations (Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology). Tyl was a co-founder of AFAN (Association for Astrological Networking), astrology's world organization, and retired from the position of Presiding Officer after serving AFAN for eleven years. In May 1998, Tyl was honored at the United Astrology Congress, the world convention for astrology, as the recipient of the Regulus Award for establishing and maintaining professional image in the field.

Need Theory Psychology in Horoscope Analysis

Need Theory Psychology in Horoscope Analysis

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  • Tyl's Rapid Insight Techniques take astrological symbolisms into a fresh and vital realm of motivational understanding! Learn how to see, in just a few seconds: Specific developmental tension with the parents; The condition of a person's self-worth profile; Sibling interaction dynamics; Mind-set formulation, including depression, humor, hopes and dreams; The individual's capacity to give or fear love, feel loveable or not loveable, toward forming successful or dysfunctional relationships; The formation of a person's sexual profile; and so much more, including classic psychological defense mechanisms. Tyl shows many horoscope examples. You see Tyl gain an astrological orientation to a horoscope with greatest psychological depth, without computations or a pencil, in 25 seconds!! Learn how this is done and free your creativity to be crucially helpful to others through astrology.

  • Length:  5 hours 38 minutes
    Handouts:  28
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    Sponsoring Organization:  South Bay Astrological Society
    Date of Talk:  6/2/2007
    Location:  San Jose, CA