Neptune, Uranus, Saturn

Neptune, Uranus, Saturn

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  • As human beings, we have difficulty integrating the energy of the outer planets. When Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune are strong in the Natal Chart, the psyche reacts in a defensive way. These planets are always going to bring changes that threaten the vain longing for stability and security. Pluto energy suggests death and transformation. Uranus will liberate us from attachment and fixed structures. Neptune dissolves boundaries that separate us from the whole cosmos. Therefore, in spite of a certain amount of integration, we react with fear of losing control, due to chart functions manifesting in a distorted way.

  • Length:  59 minutes
    Handouts:  9
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    Sponsoring Organization:  ISAR
    Date of Talk:  8/21/2005
    Location:  Bloomingdale, Illinois