Dorothy Kovach

Dorothy Kovach is an astrologer, writer and researcher who utilizes the traditional methods of both east and west. Her specialties are horary and finding the 'best times' to start projects for success. She was a contributing editor for the first traditional astrology magazine of its kind, 'The Horary Practitioner.' A decade and a half ago, she began to apply ancient methods to the markets and has never looked back. She correctly called the tech/dot-com bubble burst five years ahead, and warned her clients off the markets well before the 2008 debacle. More recently, she predicted the demise of the then-mighty Euro to a very skeptical audience. She has been writing the economic trends for Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book since 2001. Her predictions have been featured on Her clients hail from six of the seven continents.

It's Your Money Part 2: Planets - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Making Money, And Calling

It's Your Money Part 2: Planets - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Making Money, And Calling

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  • Even if you don't have a red penny in them, Markets matter. When markets go down, jobs are lost. With the collapse of the banking sector, the credit scandal, still unfolding, we have seen fortunes greatly diminished, that could have been saved - if they only known about financial astrology. We are presently in the midst of one of the longest protracted bear markets in recent decades. But believe it or not, we can still make money in bear markets. Just knowing the rudiments of market astrology can spell the difference between getting ahead, or losing our shirts, in these grizzly times. Part two of the financial series focuses on the planets. We will see which planets are bullish, and which are bearish. Above all, we will see how the planets not only help us predict their fluctuation, but how they are actually the force behind all movement in the market place. Throw away those complicated charts and bar graphs. Market forecasting, does not have to be opaque, or dull, but fun!! Using chart examples from real life situations, Dorothy will guide us through the economic prognostication, using elegant teachings of the ancients. Come join us and learn how astrology can be a beacon of light in murky financial times.

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    Sponsoring Organization:  San Francisco Bay Area NCGR Chapter
    Date of Talk:  4/8/2009
    Location:  San Francisco, CA