Steve Pincus is owner of Sun Recording Service. He began studying Astrology in 1976 and has maintained an Astrological Consultation Service since 1979. His personal approach to Astrology combines contemporary methods with Uranian Techniques. He became a certified Astro-Cartographer in 1985 and received his Professional Astrological Certification from ISAR at the ISAR 2000 conference.

Steve is producer of the Star Dial System, a 90 degree dial designed by Arlene Kramer. He coordinated National Astrology Conferences for NCGR in 1985 and 1991. Steve is a member of NCGR, ISAR, AFA, AFAN and SFAS. He was President of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of NCGR from 1985-2015 and now serves as President Emeritus on the Board.

Outlook 2018 Part II

Outlook 2018 Part II

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  • Gain important insights on the year ahead. Part II of a two speaker presentation. Rio Olesky presented Part 1 (OLE1007). For complete package including final Q&A session bonus (see OLEPIN1001). 

      Steve Pincus takes a detailed look at the astrological landscape of 2018 looking at transits, major planetary aspects and eclipses.

      Techniques include the 90 Degree Dial, Graphic Ephemeris and Astrocartography Maps.

      There is insightful information you probably won't find elsewhere.

      Upcoming hotspots are revealed.

      The year ahead in terms of long range cycles of the five outer planets is also addressed.

    • Length:  1 hour 17 minutes
      Handouts:  75
      MP3 File Count:  1
      CD Count:  1
      Sponsoring Organization:  San Francisco Bay Area NCGR Chapter
      Date of Talk:  12/16/2017
      Location:  San Francisco, CA