Gary Christen holds the first BA in Astrology awarded by an accredited university in modern times (Rutgers, 1974). He has been certified by various astrological organizations (including NCGR Level IV and AFA Professional). He is a founder and currently president of Astrolabe, Inc. (publishers of Solar Fire among other products). Known as a specialist in Symmetrical Astrology, Gary is recognized as having a wide range of knowledge of most astrological techniques. He has been practicing since 1969, teaching and lecturing nationally and internationally since 1972 and has been continuously employed in astrology since 1973 (including a job as a corporate astrologer for a NYC steel company). Gary has had a hand in the production of Journals, magazines, books, tools and software since 1974.

A New Look at Symmetrical Astrology

A New Look at Symmetrical Astrology

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  • The ancient Greeks were on to something; something beyond aspects, beyond house and sign placements. They called this something the "lots". Later, the Arabic astrologers called these symmetries the "parts". It was a powerful, fundamental concept and became the basis of entire systems of thought. In the modern era schools with names like Cosmobiology, Cosmobiosophical, Uranian Astrology (Hamburg School) and many others came into being and had a great influence over the course of astrology.

    Gary has worked with these concepts in a modern form for over 30 years and has developed many tools to make this work easy to understand. Now he has designed new software that advances the use of these concepts as well as mainstream professional astrological work. Gary will use and demonstrate Astrolabe's soon to be released Nova ChartWheels to illustrate Symmetrical Astrology.

    Nova Chartwheels is a software program designed for professional astrologers utilizing Gary's lifetime collection of techniques.

    This is a demonstration of new ways to organize your work. Gary will show you unique ways to get fast and accurate results using powerful techniques that were impractical to use without new tools. From beginner to professional, you'll find this to be a very valuable talk.

  • Length:  2 hours 15 minutes
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    Sponsoring Organization:  San Francisco Bay Area NCGR Chapter
    Date of Talk:  6/14/2005
    Location:  San Francisco, CA