Eve J. Mendoza became a serious student of Astrology over 20 years ago. In 1994, she met her first teacher who led her to the feet of Jyotish Shastra(more commonly known as Vedic Astrology.) She continued her studies in India where she devoted the next 10 years to serving her teacher and assisting in the every day maintenance of a Charitable Trust.

Eve has also been instructed in the art of Mantra as well as Ayurveda (the ancient Indian medical system). She returned from India in 2010 and has been offering readings ever since at the request of her teacher.

Yoga of Chandra Graha

Yoga of Chandra Graha

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  • Some of you may have heard, "Chandra Graha has no enemies" quoted by our classics. Chandra Graha has no bias towards any life experience and all life experience is contained within him. As the pure manifestation of reflective and receptive intelligence, whether the experience is high or low, bad or good, the illumined Chandra gives no resistance to that.

    Uccha or Neecha, on a throne or in a grass hut, honored or shamed, the pure Sattva of Chandra Graha will always adorn the head of Mahadeva Shiva in tranquility. He may be aware of suffering Shani or the unstable dynamic of Rahu and still remain pure if he recognizes that he is all the time resting on the head of Mahadeva Shiva.

    This awareness is never corrupted, no matter what this awareness witnesses. The humility, the grace and poise to meet life’s challenges with this understanding is the true wisdom of Chandra Graha if we listen.

    If we are able to hear our own wellspring of wisdom, our expectations of what life should be are our biggest distractions from peace of mind. No amount of waxing and waning can truly contaminate pure awareness. A well of compassion is born from this understanding and judgement towards life dissolves.

    The Maratha Sant Tukaram, who suffered immense material misfortune but became Guru to Chhatrapati Shivaji said, "Forget the body like one absorbed in music. Like an upward moving fountain, rise. Entertain no idea whatsoever except a single one; Hari."

    Chandra Graha as Janma Nakṣatra determines the Nakṣatra Dasha timing (Chandra is not just mood or personality, though Chandra is a key influence upon what we feel). Chandra Graha has an important role to determine the timing of the release of concrete karmas in our life.  According to this tāl, one after another event is born into our lives.

    To flow with this rhythm the great Vedic Rishis have provided tools for us to wake up from the dream of the surface waves of life and dive deep into the stillness of the Ocean. There are secrets to this in every art form of ancient India including the 108 Karanas of Lord Shiva in the Tandava Lakshana of Natya Shastra which were designed to awaken the subtle perception of the viewer (not simply to thrill or entertain as modern art).

    Each one of these postures are an invocation to the awakening of the hidden energies that Naṭarāja, Adi Yogi Shiva has given to us. Each Karana is also connected with a Nakṣatra pada, a mood of Lord Shiva.

    Join me to experience the unique expressions of Chandra Graha related to your specific chart without terminology of auspicious or inauspicious. Let’s explore the relationship of Chandra Graha with Surya Deva, Rahu and Ketu Graha and how we can utilize the simplistic tools of the various Yogas (some less explored such as yogabīja, gheraṇḍasaṁhitā and śivasaṃhitā, etc) to go below the surface and touch deeper peace amongst the turbulence of life. 

  • Length:  2 hours 31 minutes
    Handouts:  23
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    Sponsoring Organization:  Sedona Vedic Astrology, LLC
    Date of Talk:  11/21/2021
    Location:  Live and Cyberspace via Sedona, Arizona