Message from Michael Feist "While I was working on the publication of the new English compilation, I again noticed that some changes could make the content more usable. The structure of the book contains repetitions of two-factor combinations for practical reasons. Unfortunately, structural two-factor repetitions were reproduced often without the same interpretation texts in the book. In short, the original rulebook had contained more information about two-factor combinations than was assumed. However, this information was spread over several pages. For the current compilation, which is available here, I’ve merged several connected interpretations together. The repetitions of two-factors combinations appear on different pages with the same text now. Repetitions of this kind may seem superfluous, but you will find that repetitions make the book much easier to work with.

There are further changes compared to previous editions. Lefeldt’s son Ekkehard, encouraged me many years ago to modernize the book. As a consequence the original introductory section by Ludwig Rudolph and Hermann Lefeldt is no longer included in the English edition. This decision was difficult for me, but it was necessary. The previous text was compiled in a hurry and a lot of the information given in the wider-ranging German introduction was missing. The new introductory section (pages 8-34) gives a more comprehensive outline of the Uranian System of Astrology. "

Michael Feist, ceo Witte-Verlag Pub. (est. 1927)



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    Official Revised Edition 2020
    Witte-Verlag Pub., Hamburg, Germany
    324 pages
    ISBN 978-3-920807-46-1


    Set of Rules - first period     
    Set of Rules - second period
    Revised English Compilation 2020
    Correct Application of the Rulebook
    Structure and Application

    Short Introduction to Uranian Astrology
    Historical beginnings    
    Planetary pictures in symmetrical structures and symmetrical divisions
    Planetary pictures, a mathematical-symmetrical principle
    Modern Astrology
    The Theory of the Houses according to Uranian Astrology
    The Transneptunians (Uranian Planets)
    The Vernal Point in Uranian Astrology

    Meanings & Interpretations
    Meanings of the Factors and Planets
    Meanings of the hypothetical Planets     
    Meaning of the Houses     
    Set of Rules

  • Length:  324 pages