Drs. Ralph and Lahni DeAmicis: have been professional astrologers since 1972. Their work with healing environments spans thirty years and teaching and consulting on Feng Shui for twenty years. They are the authors of Planetary Calendar and over thirty books including Feng Shui and the Tango in Twelve Easy Lessons, The Dream Desk Questionnaire, Creating Clarity, and The 10 Minute Herbalist series. They produce three television shows including Planetary Calendar, a monthly forecast and education show that goes out coast to coast on the PEG network. They are Master Herbalists and Naturopathic Physicians. They reside in Napa CA. Visit SpaceAndTime.com for more information and facebook.com/spaceandtimedesigning.

The Sacred Geometry of Prosperity for Astrologers

The Sacred Geometry of Prosperity for Astrologers

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  • Learn how applying feng shui and astrology to your personal space can help change your life.

    Join us for a highly informative and useful workshop that teaches you how to use the hidden designs in our surroundings to improve prosperity. Sacred Geometry is Astrology's most ancient form focused on locations and directions. Its practice is called Geomancy. Most Geomancy is applied to building placement, but there is an intimate application of this powerful art that can improve your life.

    You will learn how the horoscope and planetary archetypes pattern your space and how to interpret the prosperity messages you are currently projecting. You will learn how to use the Sacred Triangles and Essential Dignities that underlie Astrologic Geometric philosophy, to transmit the prosperity frequency.

    The workshop also explores innovative ways to use Local Space charts, the Essential Dignities and the Pars Fortuna to optimize personal alignments. 

  • Length:  3 hours 27 minutes
    Handouts:  69
    MP3 File Count:  5
    MP4 File Count:  5
    CD Count:  5
    Sponsoring Organization:  San Francisco Bay Area NCGR Chapter
    Date of Talk:  3/17/2018
    Location:  San Francisco, CA