Courtney Roberts Originally from Miami, Florida, Courtney has spent a lifetime in astrology in consulting, publishing, research & organizational work. A graduate of the revolutionary Master’s program in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at Bath Spa University in England, her research on ancient Persian astrology & its influence on 1st century Judean messianic expectations can be found in The Star of the Magi (2007). Her research into the distinct astrological patterns of Marian apparitions & the people who see them was published in Visions of the Virgin Mary (2004).

As the director of Canaveral Research Center & producer of the Kepler Conference, Courtney has collaborated with the foremost astrological researchers around the world on a range of experiments, publications & educational initiatives, all dedicated to compiling & compounding the growing body of evidence for planetary influence. Courtney works extensively with Vedic astrologers, with research as the bridge between western & Vedic systems; revealing the inner consistencies of both systems, while combining and correlating results for even greater accuracy.

Courtney has published literally hundreds of articles in top astrological publications like The Mountain Astrologer, Dell Horoscope,, ISAR’s International Astrologer& the Journal of the British Astrological Association etc. Her extensive sports data collections & league histories are published by AstroLabe, Inc., in the Astrodatabank & in Cosmic Patterns software. Courtney was recently invited to guest-edit Correlation, the British Astrological Association’s esteemed peer-reviewed Journal of Research in Astrology. Her first issue is due out in 2018.

Jagdish Maheshri, Ph.D. is a chemical engineer who has been pursuing his interest in astrology in general, and Vedic astrology in particular since 1966. He has analyzed and interpreted thousands of charts and has been researching astrology as a science for nearly forty five years. As a professional astrologer, he has convincingly explained the nature of rapid evolutionary human growth, especially in the area of technical fields in last couple of centuries through the influence of planetary motions on our collective human conscious.

Since 2010 Mr. Maheshri has been serving as NCGR Research Director. He is a practicing contemporary Vedic astrologer. He has published and presented papers at Baltimore and Philadelphia NCGR conferences on earthquake models. Recently he spoke at the Oriental Heritage conference in New Delhi and won the outstanding global astrologer award. He is a recipient of Catherine & Ernest 2016 research grant.  He teaches (online) Vedic astrology, authored several articles, appeared on radio shows, and hosts this website. His current research interests include natural and man-made calamities, political global events, world economical expansion, and spiritual human evolution.

The Science of Light

The Science of Light

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  • Courtney Roberts is joined by Jagdish Maheshri in exploring the most intriguing topics and results, including the 2-Zodiac Problem, the Nakshatras, the East Meets West Project, the role of research, the potential for further collaborations & benefits for both systems. Andrew Foss contributes to the discussion.

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