Kṣaṇāti Nakshatra Kṣaṇāti is a Graduate of the Ayurvedic Institute. Kṣaṇāti Studied Jyotish with Simon Chokoisky, Mahadev Levine, as well as Dr. Vasant Lad, founder of The Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, NM. Kṣaṇāti Teaches Courses and Webinars with The Organization Saptarishis Astrology Centered Out of Mumbai, India. Kṣaṇāti Currently Practices in His Hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kṣaṇāti Most Passionate Topics Include How to Improve Our Planetary Karma with Ancient, Contemporary, and Ayurvedic Remedy. Kṣaṇāti Also Does Much Research in The Area of Vedic Astro Cartography, and How to Use Geography for Our Greatest Prosperity, Love, and Spiritual Evolution.

Vedic Astro Cartography: The Geography of Astrology

Vedic Astro Cartography: The Geography of Astrology

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  • Astro cartography, the astrology of geography, shows a map of certain planetary lines and vortexes set at the moment of birth. Astro cartography is the divine science which allows for the interpretation and understanding of these geographic planetary lines and vortexes. It was Astro cartography's Founder Jim Lewis's Intention for Astro Cartography to create a mapping system which transcends the tropical/sidereal shift. This divine innovative science of astro cartography can be integrated into the ancient Vedic astrological system, and when these sciences meet, the results are magical. 

    In Vedic Astro Cartography: The Astrology of Geography, we will be taking a look at the history of Astro Cartography, and its integration with the ancient Vedic Astrological system. We Will Discuss the inherent karmic energy and significations of the various Graha lines, and how to use the planetary lines in conjunction with the natal Jyotish chart. We will also dive deep into how certain planetary transits and dasha periods will act as magnets which karmically attract us to certain locations over others. Then we will go in detail of how to us Vedic Astro Cartography to achieve the traditional four aims of life Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. We will use key examples which show that for the greatest alignment towards our dharma, prosperity in life, romantic potential, and spiritual evolution there is no greater tool than vedic astro cartography.

  • Length:  1 hour 10 minutes
    Handouts:  51
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    Sponsoring Organization:  Sedona Vedic Astrology, LLC
    Date of Talk:  12/3/2018
    Location:  Sedona, Arizona