Prasanna Diana Manuela Diana grew up in a family of entrepreneurs in Germany and migrated to Australia in 1987. She ran a complimentary health centre in the 90's whilst working as a yoga therapist, with special interest in connecting women with their innate power to birth their babies naturally. After losing her second son two days after birth, her body began to shut down very fast. She ended up living submerged in the Australian bush for 10 years to heal.

During that time of deep contemplation and inner reflection, she observed nature very closely. Mother Earth began to communicate with her. Long forgotten wisdom became a-live within every cell of her being. In fact by the time she left this sacred land, she felt as if she had become a tree in the forest herself.

Today she supports healers, artist and creative entrepreneurs to create their own body of work and business in full alignment with their soul's calling. Diana is grateful for the opportunity to share her love and passion of bringing ancient wisdom into a modern day world in an experiential and potent way.

Ayurveda: Be a Force of Nature in Your Life & Business

Ayurveda: Be a Force of Nature in Your Life & Business

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  • Most of us run our life directed by our head. Yet there is a far more reliable power within our body if we could only access it. It's the force that permeates all of creation. It's what transforms the cherry tree from a sleepy ghost in the garden in winter to exploding into a green coat with radiant rosy white blossoms in spring and bearing red round jewels in the summer time.

    Imagine not to push to get stuff done any longer, but to allow the forces of nature to activate you in every project of your life. Imagine being carried by that wave of LIFE faster than the usual push-and-shove approach? What might it be like to regenerate as you live your calling and serve others from overflow verses depletion? The fact is that you are nature. Just as the cherry tree gets activated with the cycles of the seasons, so could you if you knew how to.

  • Length:  54 minutes
    Handouts:  3
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    Sponsoring Organization:  Sedona Vedic Astrology, LLC
    Date of Talk:  12/3/2017
    Location:  Sedona, Arizona