Julene Louis, Dipl. IAA, ISAR-CAP is a full-time teaching and consulting astrologer. She is the CEO and a graduate of the International Academy of Astrology, where she has been teaching since 2000. She is the author of the Sky Watch column that has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer since 2008. Julene began as a Western Astrologer, combining the philosophy of Yoga to help clients develop insight into life patterns unfolding alongside current events. This facilitates a spiritual awareness of the synchronous unfolding of soul. Her study of Vedic Astrology started in 2010 and her practice starting shifting to incorporate Jyotish, used side by side with Western Astrology in 2012. Julene offers Vedic Astrology readings without the inclusion of Western Astrology, but uses both for her clients who are used to Western readings, while continuing to show the value of Jyotish.

Bridging Western Astrology and Jyotish

Bridging Western Astrology and Jyotish

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  • Julene presents western astrological history that helped her to reconcile the "to predict or not to predict" conundrum. She will share examples where she worked with both systems side by side in the sessions, which allowed her to gently shift clients without startling them or losing them. She will help you navigate your journey and create the bridge between the two systems that resonates with you.

  • Length:  62 minutes
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    Sponsoring Organization:  Sedona Vedic Astrology, LLC
    Date of Talk:  11/21/2015
    Location:  Sedona, Arizona