Keiko Ito After studying western Astrology from a young age, Tokyo-based Keiko started learning Jyotish in 2003 with her teacher, Komilla Sutton. Traveling regularly to India with Komilla to deepen her Vedic knowledge, Keiko was part of the faculty at the Fresh Talents of Vedic Astrology in India (2013, 2014), at the "BAVA Conference" in London (2013) and at the Annual Vedic Astrology Conference at Yoga Farm in California (2013). She regularly holds Jyotish-themed workshops at Sivananda Yoga Tokyo Center, is a full-time translator in four languages and a part-time Vedic astrologer with clients in Japan and Europe.

Peace of Mind: Jyotish and Buddhism

Peace of Mind: Jyotish and Buddhism

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  • This class will focus on how Buddhism can show a way and how Vedic Astrology can provide the actual pointers of the mind in a natal chart.

  • Length:  52 minutes
    Handouts:  56
    MP3 File Count:  1
    CD Count:  2
    Sponsoring Organization:  Sedona Vedic Astrology, LLC
    Date of Talk:  11/22/2015
    Location:  Sedona, Arizona