How Dharma Guides Us in the Vedic Chart

How Dharma Guides Us in the Vedic Chart

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  • This lecture explores Jupiter's role as the planet of Dharma, the fire trineal house and house lords, and several example charts with fire ascendants as we look at what Vedic astrology teaches us about Dharma. Emphasis will be on how the trineal lords have the power to weaken or solidiy in the light on several levels. To follow one's true nature is inextricable for personal and career success. As we honor the dharmic element of fire, we also honor the seven month mutual aspect of Mars in Aries and Saturn in Cancer (Siderial Zodiac) and observe why Mars is so crucial to Dharma "Mangala" - the planet capable of but not always delivering "auspicious action".

  • Length:  83 minutes
    Handouts:  4
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    Sponsoring Organization:  ISAR
    Date of Talk:  8/21/2005
    Location:  Bloomingdale, Illinois