Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) is the author of "Yoga and Vedic Astrology" and "The Ascendant-108 Planets of Vedic Astrology". He is the founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science - which offers level 1-3 Certification programs in Vedic Astrology. Currently the Academy has more than 250 students enrolled. Sam is certified level 1 and 2 through ACVA and CVA and was hired by Dattatreya Shiva Baba to teach the first Astroved Vedic Astrology Certification Program in 2010.

Angular Strength: Dig Bala & Applied Shad Bala: Going Beyond the 'Bar Graph' in Your Software

Angular Strength: Dig Bala & Applied Shad Bala: Going Beyond the 'Bar Graph' in Your Software

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  • Planets in the Angular houses are extremely important in all astrological traditions. The angular houses, 1,4,7 and 10 are like the four pillars of a house. They offer support through the body (1), mind (4), others (7) and work (10). In Vedic astrology there are specific rules of interpretation that we apply to angular houses, their rulers, and the planet that occupy them. In this class we will examine one of the most important principles and practices which allow us to interpret those principles correctly. Namely: Dig Bala (Directional strength). Directional strength is extremely important, as is "reverse directional strength". Having planets on certain angles both strengthen the planet and the angle, specifically regarding the "direction" that planet will take you in life. In addition, when the planet is opposite that directional strength it can be, in some ways, catastrophic.


    Dig Bala is a part of Shad Bala. I will also be discussing this subject in that larger context. I will quote from the source texts directly and use case studies. Be prepared to see all principles illustrated in real time, with live charts and the source material quoted straight from the texts.

    The term "Bala" means "strength" in Sanskrit. Unfortunately, like many things in Vedic astrology, we see this Shad Bala bar graph in our software and think we have understood something. Instead of helping the client, we use it to give a general 'strong/weak" planetary "analysis" which helps no one. BOO! In this intensive workshop were going to penetrate into the dense world of Shad Bala, the 6-fold system of planetary strength analysis used in Vedic astrology. By the end of this workshop, you will understand what each of these Bala's are.

    You will also know how to do a reading based on each of these "strengths". Shad bala is a focused evaluation of planets based on several factors, many of them astronomical, several are very formulaic. There are six main categories of Shad Bala analysis: Sthana Bala, Dig Bala, Kala Bala, Chesta Bala, Naisargika Bala, Drik Bala, Total Shad Bala. Many of these categories contain close to a dozen factors to arrive at a conclusion. In this workshop we will discuss: All of the Shad bala factors, in general. How to interpret these factors individually. How to interpret these factors in comparison with each other. How to interpret these factors in a larger context of chart analysis. It is time to stop saying "well this planet has a high Shad bala score, so that helps", and other silliness. It is time to actually learn what Shad Bala is, so you know what you're talking about. An extensive manual is included.

  • Length:  4 hours 40 minutes
    Handouts:  15
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    Sponsoring Organization:  Sedona Vedic Astrology, LLC
    Date of Talk:  11/23/2020
    Location:  Virtual via Zoom