Richard Fidler is a professional astrologer and teacher. His astrological career began in the early 1990's, while still in his teens. Friends started to insist on paying for astrological interpretations, and it just never stopped. During the mid 1990's Richard joined the Pretoria Lodge of the Theosophical Society, taught astrology there, and became the librarian. This provided a rich and constant exposure to a great variety of metaphysical paradigms, practices and teachers. Richard started out on his astrological journey with conventional modern western astrology, but then began exploring Jyotish in 1997, gradually integrating Jyotish into his methodology. He now uses Western and Vedic astrological methods side by side in his practice.

Through his writing, lectures and workshops he has been instrumental in bringing knowledge and awareness of Jyotish to the South African astrological community, and beyond. In 2011 Richard spent several months in India on a personal astrological pilgrimage, to connect with Jyotish at its source after years of self study. He has since visited India several times to learn and teach. In 2014 Richard was awarded the title of 'Jyotish Martanda' on an honorary basis from the Calcutta based Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology. He currently serves on this organization's organizing committee for their periodic international conferences which attract leading astrologers from every part of the world.

The Liabilities and Gifts of Debilitated Planets

The Liabilities and Gifts of Debilitated Planets

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  • This lecture explores the principle of planetary dignity and the way planets behave when in their best and worst zodiacal positions. More specifically, this lecture takes a closer look at 'fallen' or debilitated planets.

    How and why do they create problems in our lives, and perhaps more importantly, is there anything useful that can come from them?

    How do we as astrologers give clients who may be struggling with the challenges that come with debilitated planets a meaningful interpretation of their role and significance in the chart?

  • Length:  63 minutes
    Handouts:  23
    MP3 File Count:  1
    CD Count:  2
    Sponsoring Organization:  Sedona Vedic Astrology, LLC
    Date of Talk:  11/22/2019
    Location:  Sedona, Arizona