Ronnie Gale Dreyer is an internationally known astrological consultant, lecturer, and teacher based in New York City. She has lectured for national and international groups and conferences and she conducts ongoing classes and webinars. Ronnie is the author of several books, which have been translated into multiple languages, and has contributed to numerous anthologies including the chapter "Indian Astrology," which she co-wrote with Dr. Nicholas Campion in Religious Transformation in Modern Asia. She is Guest Lecturer for the Sophia Centre at the University of Wales and holds an M.A. in South Asian Languages and Cultures from Columbia University.

Simon Chokoisky Simon's work to prove astrology in the real world includes pioneering techniques for contest prediction, compatibility, as well as helping people find their true purpose in life. In addition to four books on Dharma published by Inner Traditions, Simon is the author of Sanskrit Without Stress and Decoding Your Life Map With Vedic Astrology.

Simon taught Sanskrit and Medical Jyotisha at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico and can currently be found traveling planet earth.

The Magic of Sanskrit for Vedic Astrologers

The Magic of Sanskrit for Vedic Astrologers

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  • We will learn about the magic of Sanskrit sounds and words that make up the deeper meaning of the planets, signs, houses and nakshatras. Included will be the proper pronunciation of these concepts and becoming acquainted with all the different Sanskrit words for them (especially the planets).

    We will look at how two words combine to form one, like vargottama, which consists of varga (division or group) and uttama (highest or greatest), which literally means the highest division of a planet.

    We will link the Hindu myths to the many manifestations of the planets and Simon will show how to pronounce mantras properly for maximum effect so you can enter the heart of Jyotisa through the sacred vibration of the Sanskrit language.

    Sample horoscopes will show how understanding Sanskrit roots enhance approach interpretation and forecasting, completing a fabulous introduction to the sacred language of India.

  • Length:  4 hours 34 minutes
    Handouts:  73
    MP3 File Count:  4
    CD Count:  5
    Sponsoring Organization:  Sedona Vedic Astrology, LLC
    Date of Talk:  11/21/2019
    Location:  Sedona, Arizona