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John Frawley

John Frawley is the author of The Real Astrology, Winner of the Spica Award: International Book of the Year, 2001, The Real Astrology Applied, The Horary Textbook, Sports Astrology and the magazine for traditional astrology The Astrologer's Apprentice. He teaches students from all over the world and lectures from Brisbane to Budapest. John is one of the few contemporary practitioners of the "Real Astrology". His method of teaching is distinct by it's straightness, clarity, practical applicability and last but not least by his special sense of humor. One actually doesn't have to say too much about this expert astrologer!

The Pilot of the Soul

The Pilot of the Soul

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  • Spiritual Direction in an Age of Uncertainty. The ancient texts give guidelines for finding our individual spiritual direction. How relevant are these in a world where all values are open to question? What doorways will the mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune open for humankind?

  • Length:  62 minutes
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    Sponsoring Organization:  ISAR
    Date of Talk:  10/10/2003
    Location:  Anaheim, California