The Venus Phases

The Venus Phases

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  • Rooted in the most ancient skywatching traditions and rendered for our modern times, the 13 Venus Phases signify the developmental necessity of getting larger than our personal needs to offer that which only we can: our unique gifts, tireless passion, and a full commitment to sharing them with the world. In this lecture, Adam Gainsburg will present on the 13 Venus Phases: how they are delineated in both natal and mundane work, and the little-known celestial factors which link modern astrology to the very origins of the astrological tradition. He will explore Venus' broader and deeper dimensions of relationship and engaging higher energies with greater embodiment. Using the framework of a personal feminine dharma with which we are each imbued, he will explain how the combination of sky factors and sound astrological technique can broaden any astrology. Adam's newest book, THE LIGHT OF VENUS, has become quickly popular for its ground-breaking synthesis of astronomical factors like speed, Earth proximity and brightness; psycho-spiritual maturity; and heart-centered vision. Adam is a popular lecturer, writer and teacher and has been called a bridge between differing astrologies perhaps due to his devotion to reifying the original human-sky communion within a post-postmodern context.CD Set includes two audio CDs and one data CD with slides from the Powerpoint presentation.

  • Length:  1 hour 43 minutes
    Handouts:  38
    MP3 File Count:  2
    CD Count:  2
    Sponsoring Organization:  San Francisco Bay Area NCGR Chapter
    Date of Talk:  11/13/2013
    Location:  San Francisco, CA