Frank Clifford is an independent, creative force in the astrological community for a quarter of a century. Frank has built an eclectic career in astrology, palmistry and publishing as a writer of a dozen books including a modern classic on hand analysis; columnist and biographer; sun sign astrologer for numerous magazines; consultant for clients and businesses; publisher of over 30 books and booklets; researcher and compiler of birth data (including a compendium for Solar Fire); media astrologer/palmist profiled and interviewed on radio, TV and in print; international lecturer and the Principal of the London School of Astrology where, for the past ten years, he has been instrumental in bringing a younger generation to astrology. For more info, please visit

The Rhythms of Your Life: Honing Your Forecasting Skills

The Rhythms of Your Life: Honing Your Forecasting Skills

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  • If you've ever been daunted or overwhelmed by forecasting, this seminar offers a number of tools to simplify the process of interpreting upcoming trends.

    Frank introduces you to Solar Arc Directions, the most reliable and accurate forecasting tool, and shows you how to use these simply and effectively to achieve maximum results. You'll be amazed!

  • Length:  3 hours 34 minutes
    Handouts:  20
    MP3 File Count:  3
    CD Count:  4
    Sponsoring Organization:  San Francisco Bay Area NCGR Chapter
    Date of Talk:  2/28/2015
    Location:  San Francisco, CA