Star Dial System

Star Dial System

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  • Star Dial System is the Standard of Excellence in 90 degree dial work !! It is the most precise and easy to use 90 degree dial on the market today !!

    * The Star Dial is a 7" laser cut, white plastic disk that is useful for conventional Astrology, Cosmobiology and Uranian Astrology.

    * The Star Dial features strategically placed multi-colored markings that make reading a 90 degree chart quick, easy and effective.

    * Developed by Arlene Kramer, MA. nationally recognized authority in Uranian Astrology and use of the 90 degree dial.

    Produced by Steve Pincus

    Star Dial System 

    * Five color 90 degree Star Dial

    * Chart Form Pad

    * 9" x 12" Clipboard for easy handling

    * Two Tacks

    * Safety Clutch

    * Plastic Tack Mount

    * Detailed Setup Instructions

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