Social Media Marketing for the Astrologer - Nora Jean Stone

Social Media Marketing for the Astrologer
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  • The world of public relations and marketing has changed with the advent of Social Networks. So much that all the old marketing strategies have to be thrown out the window. If people want their businesses to be seen, websites to be visited, and clients to be engaged it can only happen by embracing Social Network Marketing and establishing a dialogue with potential clients.

    What is covered: What sort of astrologer are you? What is the aim of Social Network Marketing for the astrologer. Where to learn how to set up a website quickly and inexpensively. A short review of the impact of Social Networks on the adult population: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Tumblr.

    Review of some web based tools to make Social Network Marketing easier to do. Social Network Marketing has spawned a basket of books, hours of webinars, and a niche industry of people who will do it for you. Learn some things you can use right away.

    Parental Advisory Warning: Portions of this recording contain profanities or inappropriate references that are potentially unsuitable material for younger children.

  • Length:  2 hours 4 minutes
    Handouts:  30
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    Sponsoring Organization:  San Francisco Bay Area NCGR Chapter
    Date of Talk:  1/7/2014
    Location:  San Francisco, CA