Keynote Address: Bring On The Human Future! - Steven Forrest

Keynote Address:  Bring On The Human Future!
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  • Uranus squaring Pluto, Jupiter opposing Saturn-with all the current concern about the intense planetary activity in the Cardinal signs and the spooky (and allegedly Mayan) prophecies about the end of the world in 2012, it is easy forget that Neptune will be a major part of the mix for fourteen years starting very soon. As the planet of dreams and visions enters the sign of its modern rulership, its impact on everyone becomes vastly more powerful. What will Neptune's passage through Pisces add to the current mix? In this talk, Steven Forrest explores the idea that the tensions of the current world situation will soon propel humanity in a new and more spiritual direction. This is not some New Age fantasy about Dick Cheney meditating or Paris Hilton getting over herself! Steven's talk will be grounded history. He intends to prove to you that, behind all the apocalyptic fears, we actually have solid ground for optimism about the human direction.

  • Length:  104 minutes
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    Sponsoring Organization:  International Astrology Day - San Francisco
    Date of Talk:  3/19/2011
    Location:  San Francisco, CA